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5002123: Darth Revan
« poslato: Jun 05, 2014, 08:41:29:posle podne »
Promo polybag , from 2014.
Given in all Lego stores for all purchases over 50$/EUR on Star Wars Day (4th of may)
A BIG thank you to Kamen from Lebgo Bulgarian Lego club for this awesome gift!  :biggrin:

Controversial Revan fist came to light as a mysterious antagonist from XBOX and (later)PC game Knights Of The Old Republic. In expanded universe, currently being killed by Disney he holds an important position as one of the strongest Dark Jedis.
All you want to know about him can be read on Wookiepedia entry or by playing super awesome KoTOR which you can purchase on steam platform.

Set is a very simple one and consists only of 7 parts - torso with hands, head, legs, cape, hood, lightsaber handle and blade.

Print is of good quality although the figure is produced in China. THere is no film on the neck but the plastics is of good quality. THere is no alternative print for his face.


Revan is a great addition to already phenomenal cast of SW characters, I hope Lego will produce more commercial sets with these characters because it's very hard to get hold of figures like these and it's already starting to cost 30$ and more on bricklink or ebay.

Thank you for your attention!
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Odg: 5002123: Darth Revan
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A superb minifigure, we wants it, my preciousssss...  :ninja:
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