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What is Mechabrick?

Mechabrick is a range of precision moulded plastic kits to convert your minifigs into 1/144 scale fighting robots or \'mecha\'. You can upgrade your mechs with weapons and accessories and then battle for supremacy in a fast-paced board game using buildings and scenery built from your favourite plastic toy building bricks.

The Robots:

The robot kits themselves use the torso and legs of any minifig at their core and assemble from over 20 precision-moulded plastic components to make a multi-jointed, fully poseable 3\" (75mm) high model. Every part of the robot kits and every external attachment point on the assembled mech is compatible with standard plastic building bricks and minifig accessories allowing infinite customisation.

The robots come with a special two-part \'shield level indicator\' gaming base which features a rotatable wheel to show the robot\'s remaining shield energy as it is depleted during the game.

The Game:

The first game in the Mechabrick product line is \'Gangs of Neon City\'. Set in the back-streets of a futuristic far-eastern metropolis the game uses durable plastic gaming boards (supplied in the game box) printed with a brick-standard grid pattern (4-bricks square) upon which movement and shooting range of the robots is measured.

It\'s up to you and your imagination to build, change and rebuild the buildings and scenery on your game board from plastic toy building bricks and create your perfect battle environment.

The game sets two or more players in a head-to-head battle of turn-based play using \'action points\' to choose whether each robot should move, shoot or both in each turn. Customisation and upgrades to your robots are key to a decisive win, but be careful not to weigh down your mech with too many upgrades and make them too slow to fight!

The printed rulebook supplied with the boxed game is only 4 pages long and is designed to be fun and fast-paced for all the family. We will be publishing free add-ons and expanded rules for the game to keep even the most hardened gamers interested for many years to come.

The boxed game includes four of the \'Wakazashi-Class\' mech kits (two black and two white), four plastic game boards, a decal sheet to customize your mechs and your scenery, two D6 dice and a full rule/instruction booklet.
Naslov: Odg: Interesantan Kickstarter projekat vezan za lego
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Videh ovo pre neki dan, apsolutno mi je besmisleno :bored:
Naslov: Odg: Interesantan Kickstarter projekat vezan za lego
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meni žao minifigova :sad: