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LEGO Setovi / Odg: SUPERHEROES 2013 - 2019
« poslato: April 01, 2019, 04:52:29:posle podne »

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Star Wars 2012 - 2019
« poslato: Mart 22, 2019, 01:39:25:pre podne »

LEGO Setovi / Odg: LEGO IDEAS (ranije Cuusoo) setovi i informacije
« poslato: Mart 20, 2019, 04:28:08:posle podne »
zvanicni set

LEGO Setovi / Odg: SUPERHEROES 2013 - 2019
« poslato: Mart 20, 2019, 04:27:28:posle podne »

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Collectable minifigures
« poslato: Mart 20, 2019, 04:25:43:posle podne »

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Lego Creator 2013 - 2019
« poslato: Februar 22, 2019, 03:05:49:posle podne »

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Lego movie 2
« poslato: Februar 14, 2019, 05:10:38:posle podne »

LEGO Setovi / Hidden Side!
« poslato: Februar 14, 2019, 05:09:47:posle podne »
Dolazi nam nova tema Hidden Side! koja ce kombinovati setove i mobilnu aplikaciju. dolazi nam u avgustu.

The LEGO Group today unveiled LEGO Hidden Side, an augmented reality-enhanced LEGO play theme where kids must turn a haunted world back to normal, one ghost at a time. It is the only play experience available today that fully and seamlessly integrates augmented reality (AR) with physical construction to reveal a hidden world of interactive play. Developed for children 7 years and up, LEGO Hidden Side is showcased to buyers, media and influencers for the first time at American International Toy Fair Booth in Booth 1335 of Hall 3B at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, February 16 -19.

LEGO Hidden Side includes a series of eight “haunted” building sets full of awesome functionality and secret surprises that, on their own, provide the build and role play fun of any LEGO play theme. Activating the bespoke AR app developed together with the theme brings the models to life, revealing a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve. When combined, the two worlds make each other even more compelling and fun.

“Our years of experience pioneering the convergence of technology and physical play have taught us that kids expect exciting play experiences that move seamlessly between physical and digital worlds – something we call fluid play,” said Tom Donaldson, senior vice president, Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group. “At our core we focus on tactile building, but AR presents opportunities to enhance physical LEGO play with new action and mastery elements. We’re breaking the mold of gaming-first AR play experiences to create a new type of play where the physical world actually influences the AR layer, instead of the other way around.”

Core LEGO Building Experience

LEGO Hidden Side building sets deliver everything kids love and expect from a LEGO building experience – the challenge of the build, a detailed model with functionality, and minifigure characters set in a story-driven universe. Each model can be built as it appears by day – a school house, bus, or graveyard, for example – and has transforming functionality to become the haunted version of itself.

Truly Augmented Play

The app lets kids assume a first-person perspective and play together with the two characters – Jack and Parker – as they explore their hometown of Newbury, using their mobile phones to see and solve paranormal mysteries beneath the surface of their environment. Game play prompts kids to hold their phone up to the physical LEGO models and interact with various elements, or “points of possession,” which release virtual ghosts that kids must then capture in the AR game to stop the haunting. Numerous scenarios create dynamic gameplay that requires kids to keep one hand in each world to progress the play.

Donaldson added, “As we have designed LEGO Hidden Side, physical manipulation of the LEGO models alters the AR experience, and the AR experience prompts new things to discover in the physical models, creating a deeply engaging reciprocal play experience in two worlds that has never been seen before.”

The app also consists of a digital game that kids can play independent of the building set. After launch, the app experience will continue to expand with the addition of new ghosts, new game challenges, and randomization of gameplay so the experience is different every time kids play.

Donaldson noted, “We’re leveraging some of the best elements of mobile games to keep the experience fresh, encouraging kids to return to their LEGO sets time and again to see what is different. With the thoughtful integration of LEGO building and AR technology, we can deliver a truly innovative play experience that taps into the ever changing landscape of fluid play, where children constantly find new moments and forms of play.”

LEGO Hidden Side will be available globally in late summer 2019. The LEGO Hidden Side app will be a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Ninjago 2012 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 07:15:58:posle podne »
»LEGO Ninjago Koel Off-Road Bike 70627, 19,99 Euro RRP
»LEGO Ninjago Attack of the Ice Samurai 70671, 14,99 Euro RRP
»LEGO Ninjago Fire Snake 70674, 44,99 Euro RRP
»LEGO Ninjago Llyods Titanium Mech 70676, 69,99 Euro RRP
»LEGO Ninjago Desert Glider 70677, 129,99 Euro RRP
»LEGO Ninjago The Fortress in Ice-Cold Ice 70678, 99,99 Euro

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Lego movie 2
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 07:15:27:posle podne »
The LEGO Movie 2 70847, 9,99 Euro RRP
»The LEGO Movie 2 70848, 19,99 Euro RRP
»The LEGO Movie 2 70849, 49,99 Euro RRP
»The LEGO Movie 2 Shimmer & Shine Sparkle Spa! 70837, 69,99 Euro RRP
»The LEGO Movie 2 Queen Waterras, So-Not-Evil 'Space 70838, 99,99 Euro RRP
»The LEGO Movie 2 The Rexcelsior 70839, 149 Euro RRP

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Lego Technic 2013 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 06:18:02:posle podne »
42096 Car Transporter - 2493 pieces
42097 Spider Crane - 920 pieces, 89.99€
42099 Extreme Off-Road Vehicle - 958 pieces, 229.99€ - This model includes three motors and independent suspension for each wheel.
42100 Liebherr 9800 - 4108 pieces, 449.99€ - An enormous excavator which contains seven separate motors, featuring a new electronic system named CONTROL+.

With LEGO Technic CONTROL +, consisting of new electronic components and associated free app, children and adults experience an even more authentic gaming experience. CONTROL + enables touchscreen control to provide realistic control and, for example, programming of simultaneous movements of the models. In addition, the app gives vehicle data of the model again.

LEGO Technic CONTROL + can be tested for the first time from 1 August 2019 with the replica of the Liebherr R 9800, one of the largest excavators in the world.

The LEGO Technic model consists of more than 4,000 parts, seven motors and two Smart Hubs and can execute several movements at the same time.

"LEGO Technic CONTROL + gives us the opportunity to create even more versatile LEGO Technic gaming experiences around the physical model. We are delighted to have Liebherr as a partner in one of the first LEGO Technic sets to incorporate this novelty, "said Niels Henrik Horsted, LEGO Technic Marketing Director.

The cooperation is also ideal for Liebherr: "The fact that the LEGO Group is offering our Liebherr R 9800 as a construction kit confirms our motto 'technology that inspires' on a small scale. The detail and functionality that the model shows are fantastic. We are confident that we will not only be able to inspire LEGO fans but also many fans from our industry, "says Gregory Schuh, Marketing Manager for Liebherr Mining Hydraulic Excavators.

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Star Wars 2012 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 06:16:48:posle podne »
75236 Duel on Starkiller Base - 19.99€ - Rey, Kylo Ren
75238 Endor Assault - 29.99€
75239 Hoth Shield Generator - 29.99€
75240 Major Vonreg's TIE Fighter - 69.99€
75241 Echo Base - 59.99€
75242 Black Ace TIE Interceptor - 29.99€
75243 Slave I - 119.99€ - Han Solo, Han Solo in Carbonite, Boba Fett, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Princess Leia (20th Anniversary)

75245 Star Wars Advent Calendar - 29.99€
75258 Anakin's Podracer - 29.99€ - Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Luke Skywalker (20th Anniversary)

75259 Snowspeeder - 39.99€ - Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter, Hoth Rebel Trooper, Lando Calrissian (20th Anniversary)

75261 Clone Scout Walker - 29.99€ - 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper, Wookiee Warrior, Battle Droid, Darth Vader (20th Anniversary)

75262 Imperial Dropship - 19.99€ - Imperial Stormtrooper (3), Imperial Shadow Trooper, Han Solo (20th Anniversary)

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Friends 2012 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 06:14:39:posle podne »
41362 Heartlake City Supermarket (4+) - 29.99€
41371 Mia's Horse Transporter - 29.99€
41372 Stephanie's Gymnastics Show - 39.99€
41374 Karaoke Pool Party - 49.99€
41375 Amusement Park - 129.99€
41376 Turtle Rescue - 19.99€
41378 Dolphin Rescue Submarine - 39.99€
41379 Heartlake City Restaurant - 59.99€
41380 Lighthouse - 59.99€
41381 Rescue Boat - 89.99€

LEGO Setovi / Odg: SUPERHEROES 2013 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 06:14:10:posle podne »
76118 Batman and Robin vs. Mr. Freeze - 24.99€
76119 Batmobile: Joker Pursuit - 29.99€
76120 The Riddler Heist - 49.99€
76122 Batcave: Clayface Invasion - 99.99€
76137 Batman vs. The Riddler (4+) - 9.99€
76138 The Joker Escape (4+) - 39.99€

LEGO Setovi / Odg: Lego Creator 2013 - 2019
« poslato: Januar 29, 2019, 06:13:46:posle podne »
31095 Carousel - 49.99€
31096 Tandem Rotor Helicopter - 49.99€
31097 Townhouse and Pet Store - 79.99€

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